Sexting Striptease

Are you comfortable baby?

I`ve been waiting for you..

I`m so horny right now, do you want to play?

I`m all dressed up in a perfectly fitted strapless black corset, lacy French knickers and fish net stockings clipped to suspenders..

I want to unclip them for you..

Lets play..


We play my way..

You can`t touch me until I say..

Do you think you can manage that baby?

Lets have some fun..

While you sit in the armless chair..

I walk with a sexy slow stride towards you, one foot in front of the other allowing my hips to sway naturally..

I stand in front of you looking deep into your greedy eyes..

Are you ready?

I start to move slowly and seductively to the music, swaying my hips round. Holding my posture, making a natural arch you can see as I move..

I lean forward and begin to move my hands slowly up my thighs..

Up between my legs, gradually moving up over my stomach to my breasts, cupping each of them looking into your sexy eyes..

You look so good..

My hands moving sexily over my body, rolling my hips as if grinding on top of you, I turn to look at you..

My head falls back with the thoughts of how you feel inside me.. mmmm

I lean my head back against the wall moving my hips from side to side, closing my eyes..

Slowly turning, pushing my arse out, my hands are against the wall..

I begin to lean over..

Your full focus on my arse, winding round and round..

Do you want that arse baby?

I`m imagining what you would feel like inside me..

I drop to the ground, crawl towards you keeping a perfect arch in my back, looking at you..

I turn to a side position..

Moving to my knees, my hands moving through my hair as it flips back, I look your way with hooded eyes..

I then close my eyes, picturing you under me with my legs slightly parted..

Moving my hips up and down, running my hands over my breasts up to my hair running through with a slight grip..

You feel so good..

I begin to crawl towards you..

Placing my hands on your knees to stand, raising my arse first..

Now standing, I spread your legs further apart with my right foot, resting my shoe on the chair in front of your mouth watering bulge..

I start to sway my hips from side to side..

With my hooded eyes looking deep into yours..

My lips slightly parted, my fingers slowly begin to pop each clip on my suspenders..

Then swapping to the left foot, popping each clip as you watch helplessly..

I slowly run my index finger across the top of my fishnet..

Slowly I begin sliding it down to my ankle..

Take my shoe off baby..

I slide the stocking off..

Then repeat the same with the right..

Giving you a brief glance, I turn around and place my arse down on your erection..

leaning my head against your right shoulder..

I start to sway my hips against you side to side..

Wanting to move more, I lean up to position myself steady holding your knees as I start to move my hips round in circles against you..

Are you desperate to touch me yet?

Your hard throbbing erection feels so good..

I Stop..

Standing up to face you and place myself astride you..

Gripping hold of your neck and shoulders..

My legs spread wide across you..

I throw my head back and grind my moist slit against you, only moving in a forward curling motion..

Oh the sensation feels so good..

I`m lost in the music and friction..

It feels so good..

I then switch to moving my hips round with more pressure listening to your deep moans..

Oh fuck..

I push my exposed cleavage into your face for a brief moment..

I kiss you briefly, climb off you leading you to your feet..

Your now standing in your amazing hidden vulnerable glory. I stand with my back against you..

Feeling your hard throbbing erection with my arse now standing..

I lean over gripping my knees and start grinding, moving round in circles against you..

Then teasingly step away..

Swaying my hips from side to side, I run my hands up the side of my thighs, my hands then glide over as I push out my arse..

Turning slowly, my hands move round up my body to firmly grip each breast..

Do you want to touch them baby?

I close my eyes becoming lost in the music again while you watch me..

It`s so sexy..

I return my gaze to you, slowly releasing my corset..

Holding it in place, I turn allowing it to drop to the floor as I peek at you over my shoulder..

My frenchies leaving you with a cheeky glimpse of my arse..

My hips moving from side to side seductively..

Are you twitching for me baby?

Do you want to rip those frenchies off?

Slowly turning back to face you, moving towards you, my fingers glide over the sides of my breasts to the centre..

Leaning my back against you..

I place my left hand on the back of your neck..

Moving to place your right hand down to my clit, while the other hand is behind your back..

The sensation and perfect pressure pushing my arse against your bulge more, making me moan wanting to feel you inside me..

My hand over yours moving your fingers, I want to get that perfect build of orgasm while listening to your breath against my ear..

The aching pleasure tingles as the pleasure becomes more powerful..

I don`t want it to stop building up..

My body starts to feel like I`m burning with heat..

I can`t feel anything only the pleasure..

My neck and chest becoming heated red, the sensation,


Oh fuck..

That amazing burst of pleasure explodes..

My head flips back, my eyes forced closed..

My mind is black, the most pleasurable tingling throb takes control of my body..

My toes curling, thighs tightly stiffen against you..

Feeling nothing but throbbing pleasure for several seconds until my mind brings my attention back to you..

My legs give out slight jumps with each after throb as my pleasure calms..

I`m feeling lethargic leaning against you while I catch my breath and regain myself..

Do you want to feel that tight essence around your hard throbbing length..

Turning around looking at you with sexy hooded eyes ready for more..

I want you..

I drop to my knees and release you..

I put you in my mouth, giving you a slow deep suck right off the tip..

 I run my tongue along the under side of your shaft to the tip..

I run my tongue around the ridge slowly working to the tip, flicking your cum hole making knees slightly buckle with pleasure as you gasp..

I want to taste you..

I then slowly put your length in my mouth again, moving down slowly with a slight grip, as far as my mouth allows. Looking up, you moan loudly as I pull off.

Pushing you back down to the chair..

Do you want more baby..

As you watch, I slowly remove my French Knickers letting them drop to my ankles, I slowly step out them parting my legs..

Your hand now behind your head with locked fingers..

I turn my back to you, allowing full view of that plump round arse. I sit astride you so you can feel that wet pleasure drip down your straining bulge..

I lift myself to place you inside me, moving down your length slowly. My head flips back as we both moan with the sensation..

You.. feel.. so.. good..

I start to move holding your knees..

Grinding back and forth pushing my arse closer to feel you deeper inside me..

Yes baby! let me feel you..

I sit up leaning more onto you, holding you just above the hip as I start to move up and down..

Fucking you crazy..

As I bounce, moaning out “grab me baby”..

You hold my hips just above my arse, holding me steady as I bounce..

I move to hold your knees,

You watching my arse bounce..

You reach round for my breasts and place the other on my lower back feeling the arch..

Feel those juices running down you..

Oh! I can`t get enough..

Then I stop.. I gently pull off you, stand and turn around..

I stride you and place you slowly back inside me. We moan together enjoying the sensation.. mmmm..

Kissing you crazy, I begin to move again, you placing your arms around..

Hold me tight baby..

Releasing our kiss for air, I start to ride you, slamming harder and deeper down on you..

I bounce hard and fast, you feel too good to stop..

My head is to the side of yours, my hands gripping the back of your head firmly. you holding my arse bouncing harder with greed..

Yes I want it..

Give it to me baby..

Oh fuck me baby! Let me feel you burst..


See you next time

Curvy Love



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