15 thoughts on “Striptease.. Adult 18+

      1. Oh I cannot wait, I can’t stop reading this one I have even screenshotted my favourite parts I hope you don’t mind 🙂

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  1. Amazing way with words, eyes closed I felt like you were there…amazing by far the sauciest story I’ve come across,
    Only bit of criticism is there could be more visual aids like the legs image but that does not take anything away from the story ….mindblowing, will be recommending this to my friends.

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  2. Made me more than a little aroused this story ….very very sexual very very very good, maybe the characters could have had more of a description though (just a opinion)

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  3. I agree with the layout issues and visual aid comment

    But…… holy crap this made me horny !!!!
    Instant turn on with how you’ve written this and the legs image is definitely my type of legs and girl

    5*… A+++++ sexiest short read ever !!!!!

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  4. Pros: excellent descriptive text got me standing to attention quicker than porn

    Excellent stockings photo choice

    Cons: layout quite poor

    Not enough character description

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