Curvy Girl Character 

For all those desiring a Character description..

Curvy is any personality you desire with the hidden sexual desire..

5f 5″

Long beautiful golden brown wavy hair.

Big bright green eyes (Hypnotizing).

Big warm smile (Very infectious) that could light up a room.

Ears cute and dainty (Perfect for whispering into or kiss).

Shapely jawline with perfect cheekbones.

Big Voluptuous lips in the vein of Jessica Alba.

Soft smooth golden skin head to toe. Cute little hands beautifully manicured that possess talents.

Stunning mouth watering pert breasts with slightly dark sexy eye catching nipples.

Such a tiny waist traveling into a contrast as the hips come out in a perfect arch. Just the right size for caressing hands.

Long perfectly shaped legs, large on the thigh, dipped at the knee then out again at the calf leading to a slim ankle.

Natural pert round voluptuous arse. Soft but firm to the squeeze. Sexily dipped towards the thigh.
Until next time..

Curvy Love


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