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ONE TO ONE experience of sexting tips, tricks or just a little story for pleasure.

I was looking around the web trying to figure how to Sext. I wanted to know when the opportunity came along what do I do. I couldn`t find anything I was looking for. I decided on taking the plunge and letting my inner wild side out through text, I literally just went for it.

I did eventually show a few of my friends the stories created through sexting when asked if I knew much about sexting. As you can tell it wasn`t something that was usually open for discussion. After showing my friends they wanted to know more, a few acted the scenes out with there partners, others for personal pleasure. It became a regular topic of discussion.

Now instead of just keeping everything to myself, I decided to create a space for my friends and others who may be curious about sexting. You can take what ever advice or interest that`s needed from the short stories.

I only hope you enjoy it as much as they did.

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